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Landfill operators

LandTrust is one of the largest environmental bodies in Scotland and is estimated to handle 10% of landfill tax credits in this region. Over the past 10 years we have received in excess of £14million from landfill operators to the benefit of over 350 projects. For illustrations of the range of our projects, click here.

LandTrust, as a Distributive Environmental Body, manages on behalf of landfill operators the use of their landfill tax credits to facilitate projects which they wish to support. Our experienced team discusses projects with landfill operators on a regular basis. We then coordinate all aspects of the funding process and meet the landfill operator’s requirements for information on the projects, thus minimising any time input on their part.

Our contribution ensures that projects are run as smoothly as possible and have the best chance of success.

As they are community-led initiatives, we encourage the project applicants to generate local media coverage of the projects.

LandTrust Limited is a not-for-profit Company Limited by Guarantee, registered in Scotland (Company No. 173735), whose members are the University of Strathclyde and The University of Glasgow, and is a registered charity (No. SC040893) It is enrolled as an Environmental Body No. 312014 under the Landfill Communities Fund. LandTrust's registered address is 60 Wellington St, Glasgow, G2 6HJ.