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Project applicants

The Landfill Communities Fund can seem complicated and confusing.

For project applicants we offer a route to funding with support throughout the application process and during implementation of the project. This reduces the burden of the regulatory maze and improves the projectís chance of success.

We work with a wide range of projects and are able to give varying levels of assistance to project applicants.

Some projects involve helping community associations or bodies. As these bodies are often small or voluntary, LandTrust can arrange appropriate auditing and management infrastructure. Some projects involve rehabilitating derelict land owned by other parties and LandTrust has arranged the acquisition of such sites by other bodies.

Some projects must be within 10 miles of a landfill site. You can check if there is one near you by looking at the HMRC or SEPA website.

Letter of thanks from Buddies, an after-school group which received support from a landfill operator via the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme

On the fourteenth day of April
We received a nice surprise
It came from Willie Paterson
We could hardly believe oor eyes
The kids were so excited
Their faces full o glee
Especially when they opened the box
And oot came two PCs
There was a scanner in another box
In another box a telly
They even took oor photographs
So I covered up my belly
He also gave us manuals
Tapes and swivel chairs
You’re one guy in a million Willie
An answer to oor prayers

Thank you so much from everyone at Buddies

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