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What is the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF)?

This is a Government initiative which was introduced to reduce the impact of landfill sites on neighbouring communities by funding local environmental projects.

The aim of the scheme is to enable landfill operators to support various types of environmental projects by donating a percentage of their landfill tax liability to Environmental Bodies (EBs), or Approved Bodies (ABs) in Scotland, in return for a 90% tax credit. The scheme therefore encourages partnerships between landfill operators, their local communities and the voluntary and public sectors.

All activities under the LandFill Communities Fund are controlled by Entrust and the Scottish Landfill Communities Fund by SEPA.

How does the application process work?

If the project complies with LCF regulations, and it is successful in being approved at each stage of the selection process, LandTrust follows these steps:

  1. Submission of pre-proposal form to LandTrust

  2. Project put forward to landfill operator

  3. Submission of full proposal to LandTrust

  4. Presentation of project to LandTrust Board

  5. Registration of project with Entrust

  6. Formal offer of funding issued

  7. Project starts

What is an environmental body/ Approved body?

Environmental Bodies (EBs), known as Approved Bodies (ABs) in Scotland, are organisations that have registered with Entrust or SEPA in order to receive landfill tax money from landfill operators or other EBs/ABs.

These organisations don't have to be charities, but any surplus they make must be used to further their organisation's objects. Surplus must not be used to pay dividends or other rewards.

They must not be controlled - directly or indirectly - by a local authority or a landfill operator registered for landfill tax.

What are the project funding criteria?

Projects must conform to one of the following criteria:

  • projects that involve reclaiming land, the use of which has been prevented by some previous activity

  • projects that reduce or prevent pollution on land

  • projects that provide or maintain public amenities or parks within 10 miles of a landfill site

  • delivery of biodiversity conservation for UK species habitats

  • projects to restore or repair buildings for religious worship, or of architectural or historical interest within 10 miles of a landfill site

  • Community based recycling, re-use and waste prevention projects

In addition, some projects must be within 10 miles of a landfill site. Further information is available from the Entrust or SEPA web sites.

Who owns LandTrust?

LandTrust is a Distributive Environmental Body which was set up by the Scottish Greenbelt Foundation and the Universities of Strathclyde and Glasgow. It is a not-for-profit company.

How much funding does each project receive?

There is no limit to the amount of funding which a project can receive. The funding awarded depends on the quality of the project and support available for appropriate contribution. Please consult us for further details.

Some typical amounts are listed on the projects page.

How do I apply?

There are two stages to the application process.

The first is submission of a pre-proposal form which can be downloaded here and discussion of the planned project in general terms with LandTrust. This ensures that your project fits with our objectives. We are usually able to have this discussion within one week of receiving a completed pre-proposal form.

At this stage, suitable proposals are circulated to landfill operators who may be interested in funding the projects. They select the projects they would like to consider in more detail.

Once that stage has been passed, a more detailed proposal form should be submitted. A sample copy is shown here to indicate the information required. Proposal forms are considered at our regular Board meetings. Decisions regarding applications are communicated to applicants within one week of the meeting.

The timescale for funding of successful projects thereafter is then dependent on various factors such as the formation of a project steering group and drafting of legal documents.

The project should not commence without the applicant being in receipt of a formal offer of funding.

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LandTrust Limited is a not-for-profit Company Limited by Guarantee, registered in Scotland (Company No. 173735), whose members are the University of Strathclyde and The University of Glasgow, and is a registered charity (No. SC040893) It is enrolled as an Environmental Body No. 312014 under the Landfill Communities Fund. LandTrust's registered address is 60 Wellington St, Glasgow, G2 6HJ.